Beyond Sunday

Your True Treasure • Day 37

March 25, 2021 Kate Allen Season 2 Episode 37
Beyond Sunday
Your True Treasure • Day 37
Show Notes

Thursday, The Fifth Week of Lent (Mar. 25)

Your True Treasure

Narrated by Kate Allen

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. ... You cannot serve God and money.
Matthew 6:21, 24

Test yourself: Is it easier to find an excuse to give less to God (church, charity) or an excuse to spend more on yourself (pleasure, treasure)? My heart and mind argue constantly between serving God (denying self) and serving self (stealing from God).

It’s really a question of where our heart is, and where we want it to be. This debate is never fully resolved: should my true treasure be determined by my human nature or by my new self made in the image of Jesus?

The healing wounds of Jesus can give you strength to overrule your human instincts and focus your heart on the true treasure that is yours eternally. Keep that in focus as you decide daily whom you will serve.

REFLECT: How will you serve Jesus today?

PRAY: Fill me with your Spirit, Jesus, and help me remember my true treasure. Amen.

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